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Motorrad Footrest, Right

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R 1100 S, R 1100 RS, R 850 RT, R 1100 RT, R 850 R, R 1100 R, K 1600 GT, R 1250 RT, R 1150 RT

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The “Ignition Coil” serves to step up the relatively low battery voltage to the high voltage needed to fire a spark plug. Coils are generally a sealed, water-tight component. As such, they are generally not a repairable item. Routine checks on a coil are not necessary. They should be tested as part of a troubleshooting procedure whenever your beloved motorcycle becomes difficult to start or runs rough. Testing them tends to be relatively simple and involves the use of an ohmmeter.

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R 1100 S, R 1100 RS, R 850 RT, R 1100 RT, R 850 R, R 1100 R, K 1600 GT, R 1250 RT, R 1150 RT,

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