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PUTOLINE HF204 Synthetic Oil Filter for Honda, Kawasaki, MV, Triumph, Yamaha

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PUTOLINE HF204 Synthetic Oil Filter for Honda, Kawasaki, MV, Triumph, Yamaha

Quality and confidence – at a great price

The next most important consumable in your engine is the oil filter, after the oil.

The filter’s job is to capture contaminants in the oil to keep it safe for circulation around the engine. It’s critical that parts including the camshaft and cam lobes, piston rings, piston connecting rod bearings, cylinder walls, crankshaft bearings, transmission, clutch are lubricated by contaminant-free oil.

The oil filter must also maintain a smooth and constant oil flow regardless if you are idling, shuffling through traffic or at a full blast at Karak or the track.

The filter must not break down nor impede oil flow as the oil ages. If the filter element breaks down, it will find its way into the engine and cause catastrophic damage. The same happens if oil stops flowing.

PUTOLINE oil filters  feature various types of synthetic filter media that capture inorganic and organic contaminants in oil. This nano fibre filter media is further supported by steel wire. As such, the filter has a service life of one year or 40,000 km (25,000 miles).

Last but not least, all the parts of the filter are contained in a housing with an outer coating that is used for grand pianos.

All this quality would usually see a product of being expensive, yet it’s priced reasonably.

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